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RoR-Development - professional development on Ruby On Rails

The RoR-Development Company was founded in 2016 with a team consisting of Ruby developers, designers, and project managers. Our primary objective is to make programming services more accessible and understandable for businesses in our surrounding community.

Why did we choose this goal? Through our experience working in other companies, we observed that customers often struggled to comprehend the technical jargon used by managers, which created a communication barrier. Recognizing this challenge, we decided to streamline communication with our customers by employing managers who are skilled at simplifying complex concepts. From the initial idea, we engage in open dialogue to understand your requirements, how you envision the project, and we meticulously document a technical task for our programmers. We always communicate in a language that is straightforward and comprehensible. This first step is offered at no cost as we want our clients to feel comfortable and focused on the desired outcome rather than being intimidated by potential difficulties. We firmly believe in discussing complex matters in a simple and accessible manner.

While our team’s core expertise lies in Ruby on Rails development, we also encompass a wide range of specialists. This includes project managers, marketers, designers, PHP programmers, C++ programmers, and many others. Our diverse team ensures that we can cater to a variety of project requirements and provide comprehensive solutions.

At RoR-Development, we value collaboration, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence. Our collective knowledge and expertise enable us to deliver top-notch results while maintaining open and transparent communication with our clients. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how our team can help you achieve your goals.

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Why RoR-Development Company?

We Have Extensive Experience in Developing Websites, Online Stores, and Mobile Applications. As We Continue to Work, We Grow and Evolve. Let Us Help You Bring Your Ideas to Life – Quickly and Efficiently.
Passionate about Ruby on Rails
Passionate about Ruby on Rails
To excel in something, you need passion and dedication. We are passionate about Ruby on Rails and love working with this framework. Our team comprises skilled and responsible specialists who undergo constant training to deliver exceptional results.
Expertise in Project Management
Expertise in Project Management
Project management simplifies, organizes, and streamlines projects. We utilize modern tools and technologies to manage projects effectively. Moreover, our professional project managers are well-versed in both project management and Ruby on Rails.
Partnership with You
Partnership with You
If you have a project that requires excellent Ruby on Rails specialists but don't want to hire them in-house, we can provide our experts to work on behalf of your company. Our responsibility is to achieve the goals you've set. Drawing on our experience in similar projects, we always offer innovative, rational solutions.
Always Accessible
Always Accessible
No matter where you are or what time zone you're in, we are available online 24/7 to understand and discuss your projects. Reach out to us through messengers, email, or phone calls. We are committed to making your business a success and helping you achieve your goals on the internet.

Competent Project Management First and Foremost

Our main objective is to ensure effective project management, minimizing both time and financial costs. We engage experienced project managers to oversee your project, who will organize, break it down into tasks, and involve specialists of the appropriate level. As a result, you will achieve timely project completion while optimizing resource utilization in terms of time and finances. Moreover, you can expect a high-quality product with continuous support and ongoing development.