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RoR-Development-Ruby on Rails development company

Success in simplicity


We develop websites, web services, marketplaces, online stores, and much more. We grow and develop together with Ruby. Our team has passed a long and successful path of development, we help each other to grow professionally and personally.
Our clients often tell us that they do not understand special programming terms, do not know how to independently create a technical task, but have a specific goal. We communicate in a simple and understandable language, help you create the right technical task and achieve your goal in the shortest possible time.
In addition to Ruby on Rails, we use PHP (Yii, Laravel), JavaScript (AngularJS, React.js, Vue.js, Ember.js
Our goal is to digitize your idea and present a quality product on the internet.
If you need a Ruby on Rails developer, we will select one from our team specifically for you and your project.
If you want to create a website in Ruby on Rails , our entire team will help you with this.
If you want to create a website, but do not know what to create it on, we will tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of different frameworks, and help you with the choice.
If you have a project, a site on Ruby on Rails and you need to make any edits on it, improve it, make it faster, we will be happy to allocate our best specialist.
RoR-Development Company is a Ukrainian developer company on Ruby o Rails, our offices are located in such major cities of Ukraine as Dnipro, Kharkiv, Cherkasy and Zaporozhye.

How can we help you

Services provided by our company
We develop websites and web applications of any complexity. For development, we use the modern Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails framework. We also use the PHP language, Java.
If you already have a project made in Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, we will fully immerse ourselves in it and become a part of it. We will fix the errors & bugs , refine them, and improve them.
We will develop for you a modern Online Store on an individual engine written in Ruby on Rails. In comparison with ready-made online stores, you will have more opportunities for development, any of your ideas is feasible.
If you want to organize your business, establish management and logistics in it, we will create a business management system for you to meet all your requirements.
We develop and refine mobile applications for Android.
We develop and refine websites and web applications in the popular PHP programming language, using the Laravel and Yii frameworks.


What technologies does our team have
Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js, Ruby on Rails
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, PHP
PostgreSQL, MySql, Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Redis
Mobile Technologies:
Flutter, Swift, Kotlin

What we are professionals in:

Our team includes many experienced specialists
Project Management
We professionally manage your project using modern methods and tools
BackEnd Development
We develop the software part of your product (site) for the site administration.
FrontEnd Development
We make the appearance of your project functional, convenient, and beautiful
Quality Control and Assurance
We manage quality. We test the programs and websites created by us at each of their stages
UI/UX design
We develop design for your websites, applications, and software products
Testing it
We test it at every stage of the project
Do you have an idea for a business on the Internet or do you want to move your business online, make an online store, service, website? At this stage, we are ready to get into your idea, think through everything and describe it.
Our team consists of many different specialists, developers with different levels of skills and knowledge. Working as a team, we help each other by sharing our experience and knowledge, which makes the project implementation much faster on time.
Our customers are not only our partners, but also our friends. Every member of the RoR team is really worried about the result that you achieve with the help of our developments. We are always there to help and ready to support in a variety of situations.<br /> Our goal is a satisfied customer who is proud of their project made with us.
The RoR-Development team includes professional project managers who competently organize all the work on your project. They will select the right specialists, expand the team and quickly solve all the tasks of the project.


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