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Development Of Online Stores

In fact, it is very easy and simple

Development of Online Stores and Marketplaces

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An online store (English: online shop or e-shop) is a website that sells goods via the Internet. Allows users to create a purchase order online, in their browser or through a mobile application, choose a payment method and delivery of the order, pay for the order. At the same time, the sale of goods is carried out remotely and it imposes restrictions on the goods sold. For example, in some countries there is a ban on online trade in alcohol, weapons, jewelry and other goods (for example, in Russia, the remote sale of alcohol, jewelry and other goods is prohibited, the free sale of which is prohibited or restricted.

When an online store is set up to allow companies to buy from other companies, this process is called business-to-business (B2B) online shopping. A typical online store allows the customer to view the range of products and services of the company, view photos or images of products, as well as information about the technical characteristics of the product and prices.

Online stores usually allow customers to use the “search” functions to find specific models, brands or items.