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Development, revision, CRM, ERP systems

Business automation for management and communication with customers

Development, Revision, CRM, ERP Systems

The bigger the business becomes, the more time it takes to manage it. Many processes are easy to automate. We have extensive experience in developing such systems.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM, CRM-system, short for Customer Relationship Management) – application software for organizations designed to automate strategies for interaction with customers( clients), in particular to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing information about customers and the history of relationships with them, establishing and improving business processes and subsequent analysis of results.

CRM is an interaction model based on the theory that the client is the center of the entire business philosophy, and the main activities of the company are measures to ensure effective marketing, sales and customer service. Support for these business goals includes the collection, storage and analysis of information about consumers, suppliers, partners, as well as about the internal processes of the company. Functions to support these business goals include sales, marketing, and consumer support.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning, enterprise Resource Planning) is an organizational strategy for integrating production and operations, human resources management, financial management and asset management, focused on continuous balancing and optimization of enterprise resources through a specialized integrated application software package that provides a common data and process model for all areas of activity. An ERP system is a specific software package that implements an ERP strategy.

The ERP concept was formulated in 1990 by a Gartner analyst as a vision for the development of MRP II and CIM methods, in the early — mid-1990s several successful replicated ERP systems for large organizations appeared, the most famous ones were the developments of Baan (Netherlands), Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, JD Edwards, the market for ERP system implementation with the participation of the big four companies was formed, in the 2000s there was a consolidation of suppliers, a significant number of ERP systems for small and medium-sized businesses appeared, the most famous suppliers of which are became Sage Group and Microsoft.

The introduction of an ERP system is actually considered a necessary condition for a public company and, since the late 1990s, ERP systems, initially implemented only by industrial enterprises, are operated by most large organizations, regardless of the country, form of ownership, industry.