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WEB site development

Website development and creation, main stages and roles

web developmentSo, you have decided to create your own website, but you do not know where to start.  Or you do, but look for new professional developers who will help you with this.  Company RoR-Development it is at the origins of creating websites on such frameworks as Ruby on Rails and PHP Laravel.
Creating a website is a responsible and systematic work of the team, as a rule, it includes a project manager, a designer, a developer( programmer), a tester. But the project is not similar to the project, and the projects can not all be the same if they are created individually. The development team can also include marketers, financial consultants and just experts in the field for which the site is being made.  For example, if you are creating a website – an online store “Pharmacy”, then pharmacists may be needed here as consultants, and teachers or business trainers may be useful for an online online training service. Anyway, all these conditions are discussed at the early stages of the project discussion, because often you, as a customer, are guided by the topic for which you want to create your website,and you can also join our team :).


Description of roles when creating a site

Ruby on Rails developmentProject Manager – in fact, it is your personal manager who manages the entire process of creating a website from start to finish.
It is enough for you to come to us with an idea of what you want to create, and we, relying on our professional experience, will offer you options, describe opportunities and threats. You conduct all negotiations with one person – with the project manager. You set him tasks, and he decides how to solve them. Together with him, you create a conceptual technical task for your future project, and he, in turn, creates a task for all the project performers, and selects them.

Designer – after you have formed the technical task of the project, the designer can start the project. Based on your wishes, he makes the design of your website. At this stage, the design of all the pages of your site, each element and each button will be created.

Developer-recently, this term is most often used – developer, but some quite logically call this role-programmer. Because this person is engaged in programming your site. In order to start developing a website, it needs a systematic and detailed technical task and design. Our company is mainly focused on website development on the framework Ruby on Rails, but we are always happy to develop in languages such as PHP and JavaScript on almost all of its frameworks.  It all depends on the tasks assigned to our company, sometimes it is necessary to use several programming languages and their frameworks.

Tester-this role is becoming more and more popular, and it is used on both small and large projects. Its essence lies in the fact that at the stage of creating a website, the tester tests the performance of each function and logic, both on the part of the user (consumer) and on the part of the administrator.

The main stages of creating a website (Ruby on Rails, PHP Laravel)


этапы создания сайтаIdea and Concept – so you are fired up with the idea of creating a business on the Internet, and for this you will probably need to create your own website. Welcome to our company, we will definitely help you with this.
Tell us what you want to do, what goals and objectives you are pursuing, give examples of similar projects if there are any.
At this stage, we carefully analyze and record the information received from you, and on the basis of it we form the concept of your future project. We describe it, give examples, report on the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your project from our professional point of view. Our service marketing analysis of your project can also be offered here.  

Creating a general technical task – after agreeing and approving the site concept, we start creating a general technical task, which will be used primarily by the designer. It will schematically show the main blocks of the site, pages and functions. Based on all these schemes, you can start creating a design, both the public part and the administrative part.

Creating a website design-the designer receives an approved technical task and starts creating a website design. He will see the logic of the project and create a design for all the pages of the site and send it to you for approval.  After the site design is approved, we can proceed to the next stage.

Creating a technical task for the developer – at this stage, the design of all the pages of the site is transferred to the developer, previously this Ruby on Rails  developer. The concept of the project is also transmitted to him, the logic of interaction of the user (visitor) with the site is described in detail, as well as the logic of interaction of administrators with the admin panel. Here is one of the most important stages of development and your project is filled with life, the developer creates the code and your site begins its life. At this stage, we are already starting to test all the functions of the site in parallel, check it for errors and smoothly proceed to the final testing.  

Site testing, error detection, debugging – as mentioned earlier, site health testing was conducted at the previous stage, but now the site is already being tested, errors are being corrected, all the necessary settings are being made.

Hosting the site on the server – a ready-made site is hosted and configured on the server, your domain is connected to the site. Your site is ready to work.

Support – regardless of the fact that the project is accepted, we always support your project, if necessary, we correct errors and finalize them.

Why we do this – we create sites in Ruby, because we really like it, we like to create, we like to achieve results, and we really, really like it when our customers are satisfied, and their projects bring them big profits!)

Why it is convenient and comfortable to cooperate with us:

  1. We work with projects of any scale, from small edits to complex development
  2. For your project, we have various developers, with different rates, from Junior to Senior, from$ 10 an hour
  3. We will explore your project absolutely for free
  4. We are always happy to help and advise you and it is absolutely free
  5. We don’t have any framework – do you have an idea? write or call us, we will be happy to discuss all the details of your project
  6. Our employees are constantly growing professionally. We develop each of them by conducting trainings and trainings
  7. We speak many languages of the world. English, Russian, French, German, Ukrainian, Polish and many others


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    A site, or a website (from the English website: web — “web, network” and site — “place”, literally “place, segment, part in the network”), is one or more logically interconnected web pages; also, the location of the server content. Usually, a website on the Internet is an array of related data that has a unique address and is perceived by users as a single whole. Websites are so called because they are accessed via the HTTP protocol[1].

    A website as a system of electronic documents (data files and code) can belong to an individual or an organization and be accessible on a computer network under a common domain name and IP address or locally on one computer. In the article of the journal “Economy and Law”, it was also suggested that each site has its own name, which should not be confused with a domain name[2]. From the point of view of copyright, the site is a composite work, accordingly, the name of the site is subject to protection along with the names of all other works.